Past Award Recipients

Past Award Recipients

Outstanding Educator
Outstanding Graduate Student
The Tom Barker Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award
Outstanding Professional
Springer Outstanding American Journal of Criminal Justice Article
Richter H. Moore, Jr. Founder's Award
2020 Research Showcase

Outstanding Educator

2022 Jeff Walker
2021 J.C. Barnes
2020 Marvin D. Krohn
2019 Brandon Applegate
2018 Holly Ventura Miller
2017 Bruce Arrigio
2016 Wesley G. Jennings
2015 Cathy Marcum
2014 J. Heith Copes
2013 J. Mitchell Miller
2012 George Higgins
2011 Elizabeth Mustaine
2010 Margaret Vandiver
2009 David May
2008 Brian Payne
2007 Peter Wood
2006 Mark Lanier
2005 Richard Tewksbury
2004 John Whitehead
2003 Elizabeth Grossi
2002 Ronald Hunter
2001 William Doerner
2000 Terry Edwards
1999 -- no information --
1998 -- no information --
1997 -- no information --
1996 John Smykla

Outstanding Graduate Student

2022 Katelyn P. Hancock
2021 Joshua Ruffin
2020 Leanna Ireland
2019 Rachel Severson
2018 Taylor Claxton
2017 Lindsay Leban
2016 Jane Christie Daquin
2015 Anthony Vito
2014 Brandy Henderson
2013 Shila Hawk
2012 Julie Baldwin
2011 Nathan Lowe
2010 John Stogner
2009 Matthew DeMichele
2008 J. C. Barnes
2007 Wesley Jennings
2006 Deeanna M. Button
2005 Alison Brumley
2004 Holly E. Ventura
2003 Jeffrey Allen Tipton
2002 Trent Eric Ikerd
2001 Deanna McGaughey
2000 Julie Kunselman
1999 -- no information --
1998 -- no information --
1997 -- no information --
1996 -- no information --
1995 J. Mitchell Miller

The Tom Barker Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award

2022 Chance Reasonover
2021 Addison Meeks
2020 Samantha Scott
2019 Victoria Rapp
2018 Anna Ford
2017 Caralin Branscum
2016 Samantha Donovan
2015 Kati Andrews and Roland Turner
2014 Samantha Zaleski and Hoai Robinette
2013 Lindsay Leban
2012 Tonya Harris
2011 Emily Nelson
2010 Donald Hunt
2009 Nianni Ramos
2008 Jessica Ekhomu
2007 Ted Gibson
2006 Demica Montoye Burks
2005 Matthew Lees
2004 Shelly Higdon
2003 William Michael Doerner
2002 Richard Keith Leatherwood, Jr.
2001 Valerie Dorsey
2000 no award given

Outstanding Professional

2022 Mike Mathis, Criminal Investigator, Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office
2021 Lt. William Vahldiek, Gallatin Police Department
2020 None selected this year
2019 William Sorrells
2018 Arthur L. Hunter, Jr.
2017 James Stewart
2015 James Wheeler
2014 Adrienne Stroble
2013 Monty Burks
2012 Judge Casey Rodgers
2011 Molly Secours
2010 Stephen Haas
2009 Vernon M. Keenan
2008 Chris Summers
2007 Yolanda Cornish
2006 David Toomer & Elizabeth O. Adams
2005 David Thompson
2004 Roy Cooper
2003 Deborah Y. Faulkner
2002 Bob Kennedy
2001 Eddie J. Jordan, Jr.
2000 Robert L. Johnson

Springer Outstanding American Journal of Criminal Justice Article

2022 Eric Jardine Policing the Cybercrime Script of Darknet Drug Markets: Methods of Effective Law Enforcement Intervention
2021 J. Andrew Hansen & Gabrielle L. Lory Rural Victimization and Policing During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2020 Kristen M. Zgoba, Jesenia M. Pizarro & Laura M. Salerno Assessing the Impact of Restrictive Housing on Inmate Post-Release Criminal Behavior
2019 Rhys Hester Prior Record and Recidivism Risk
2018 Albert M. Kopak & Gregory A. Frost Correlations of Program Success and Recidivism among Participants in Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion Program
2017 John Smykla, Matthew S. Crow, Vaughn J. Crichlow, & Jamie A. Snyder Police Body-Worn Cameras: Perceptions of Law Enforcement Leadership
2016 C. Colin Bolger Just Follow Orders: A Meta-Analysis of the Correlates of American Police Officer Use of Force Decisions
2015 Joshua C. Hinkle "Emotional Fear of Crime vs. Perceived Safety and Risk: Implications for Measuring 'Fear' and Testing the Broken Windows Thesis"
2014 J. Mitchell Miller Identifying Collateral Effects of Offender Reentry Programming Through Evaluative Fieldwork
2013 Heili Pals and Howard B. Kaplan Long-Term Effects of Adolescent Negative Self-Feelings on Adult Deviance: Moderated by Neighborhood Disadvantage, Mediated by Expectations
2012 Jeremy R. Porter, Nicole E. Rader & Jeralynn S. Cossman Social Disorganization and Neighborhood Fear: Examining the Intersection of Individual, Community, and County Characteristics
2011 Holly Ventura Miller Acculturation, Social Context, and Drug Use: Findings from a Sample of Hispanic Adolescents
2010 Tina L. Freiburger, Catherine D. Marcum, & Mari Pierce The Impact of Race on the Pretrial Decision
2009 Angela R. Gover, Wesley G. Jennings, & Richard Tewksbury Adolescent Male and Female Gang Members' Experiences with Violent Victimization, Dating Violence, and Sexual Assault

Richter H. Moore, Jr. Founder's Award

2010 Damon Camp
2005 Mittie Southerland
2001 Charles "Chuck" Fields
1995 Tom Barker
date missing Richter H. Moore, Jr.

2020 Research Showcase

Award winners from the 2020 Research Showcase