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SCJA Leadership

SCJA is governed by officers and a Board of Directors elected by the
membership. The work of the organization is performed in committees and several
opportunities to serve exist.

SCJA Officers


Sean Maddan, PhD

University of West Georgia


1st Vice-President

Marv Krohn, PhD

University of Florida


2nd Vice-President

John Stogner, PhD

University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Immediate Past President

J. Heith Copes, PhD

University of Alabama at Birmingham



Kent Kerley, PhD

University of Texas at Arlington


SCJA Board of Directors

Laura Agnich, PhD (2015-2018)

Georgia Southern University


Gavin Lee, PhD (2015-18)

University of West Georgia


Cathy Marcum, PhD (2014-17)

Appalachian State University


Bryan Lee Miller, PhD (2014-17)

Georgia Southern University


Christina Policastro, PhD (2016-19)

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


SCJA Secretariat

The Secretariat supports the activities of the Southern Criminal Justice
Association by maintaining the Association’s membership and mailing list,
conducting mailings for the Association, operating the registration desk at the
annual conference, and performing other duties designated by the President
and/or the Board of Directors.


Kathy Johnson, PhD

University of West Florida


American Journal of Criminal Justice Editor

Wesley G. Jennings, PhD

University of South Florida


Past Presidents

2015-2016 J. Heith Copes
2014-2015 Greg Dunaway
2013-2014 Holly Miller
2012-2013 David May
2011-2012 Angela Crews
2010-2011 Brian Payne
2009-2010 Elizabeth Mustaine
2008-2009 J. Mitch Miller
2007-2008 Alexis Miller
2006-2007 Brandon Applegate
2005-2006 Peter Wood
2004-2005 Gordon Crews
2003-2004 Matthew Robinson
2002-2003 Richard Tewksbury
2001-2002 Joseph Sanborn, Jr.
2000-2001 Elizabeth Grossi
1999-2000 John Smykla
1998-1999 Ronald Hunter
1997-1998 Elizabeth McConnell
1996-1997 Terry Edwards
1995-1996 Laura Moriarty
1994-1995 Joseph Auten
1993-1994 Jeffery Rush
1992-1993 Charles Fields
1991-1992 Michael Blankenship
1990-1991 Kenneth Ayers, Jr.
1989-1990 Reid Montgomery, Jr.
1988-1989 Damon Camp
1987-1988 Mittie Southerland
1986-1987 Ronald Vogel
1985-1986 Michael Braswell
1984-1985 Tom Barker
1983-1984 Chester Quarles
1982-1983 Robert Bagby
1981-1982 Ken Venters
1980-1981 Reed Adams
1979-1980 Gene Stephens
1978-1979 Robert Fancher
1977-1978 Neil Chamelein
1976-1977 Frank Semberger
1975-1976 Robert Barrow
1974-1975 Richter Moore, Jr.
1973-1974 John Truitt
1972-1973 William Mathias

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