2020 Research Showcase Awards


2020 was an unusual year for the SCJA conference. Most of all, we were forced to move the conference (originally scheduled to be in Biloxi, MS) online to an all-digital platform. We recognized the most exceptional posters and lightning talks presented at the 2020 Research Showcase. Below are the winners in each of the following categories.

Undergraduate Student Poster Award

First Place The Interactive Effect of Traumatic Brain Injury and Exposure to Violent Offending on Justice-Involved Youth
Curtis Smith IV & Patrick Harrison
Second Place Review of Criminal Profiling
Addison Meeks

Masters Student Poster Award

First Place Three criminological theories as predictors of adolescent marijuana abuse
Sydney Hahlbeck & Anthony Vito
Second Place Police perceptions of overdose outreach program effectiveness
Laurie Becker & Sean Varano
Third Place (tie) Stigma, substance use disorders, and treatment seeking: An examination of stigma and treatment utilization by drug dependence type
Aubrey Johnson & Bryan Miller
Third Place (tie) Examining perceptions and use of media among criminal justice students
Hannah Sims & Matthew Crow

Doctoral Student Poster Award

First Place (tie) College student response to the release of incarcerated populations during COVID-19: A qualitative pilot study
Joshua Ruffin & Ayana Conway
First Place (tie) Pedophile hunting: A qualitative assessment of public support for judicial changes
Leanna Ireland
Second Place Hate at the scene of the crime: Interrogating place in anti-religious hate crime analysis
Jonathan Lloyd
Third Place Intimate partner violence: Barriers to help-seeking experienced by women in the UK
Amrana Latif

Faculty Poster Winner

First Place (tie) Exploring the spatial distribution of crime by victim characteristics
Danielle Fenimore, Wes Jennings, Nicholas Perez & Stephen Bishopp
First Place (tie) Do negative emotions matter? Paths from victimization to cyber and traditional bullying from General Strain Theory perspective
Yeungjeom Lee, Jihoon Kim, & Hyojong Song
Second Place (tie) Immigration, policy and justice
Holly Ventura Miller, Melissa Ripepi, Amy Ernstes, & Anthony Peguero
Second Place (tie) Situational ethics: Lessons learned from the Community Action Poverty Simulation
Chrystina Hoffman, Dana Dillard, & Angela Blackburn
Third Place School culture, racial composition, and preventing violence: Evaluating punitive and supportive responses to improving school safety
Charles Crawford & Ronald Burns

Undergraduate Lightning Talk

First Place Adolescent Attitudes and sexual behavior associated with teen dating violence victimization
Kristen Hunt
Second Place Virtual trials: An examination of virtual trial efficiency
Kaleigh Mulligan, Melissa Dipano & Annabelle Frazier
Third Place - Bail and the criminal justice form in MA
Melissa Dipano, Isabella Callahan, & Annabelle Fraizer

Masters Student Lightning Talk

First Place Police officers’ perceptions regarding application of Miranda’s public safety perception
Alexandria Goldstein, Christopher Totten, Gang Lee & Richard Stringer
Second Place Race and ethnicity in criminal justice publications
Heather Storey & Courtney Crittenden
Third Place Prisons and suicide
Sadie Creel

Doctoral Student Lightning Talk

First Place Incarcerated youths perception of justice
Elizabeth Hartsell, Jodi Lane, & Lonn Lanza-Kaduce
Second Place Addressing official misconduct: Increasing accountability to reduce wrongful convictions
Clayton Drummond & Mia Mills
Third Place Understanding community members’ perception of opioid abuse treatment programs for women in Westchester County
Erika Pichardo

Faculty Lightning Talk

First Place Secondary sanctioning and secondary device effects of arrest-comparing childhood and adolescence
Abby Novak
Second Place Reading rights and respecting decisions
Rhys Hester
Third Place Who feels guilty of a sex crime? Insights from a choose-your-own-adventure paradigm
Annabelle Frazier & Joseph Gonzales