Call for Award Nominations

All nominations should be submitted by email to the chair of the respective award committees by June 1, 2022 (also cc the 2nd Vice President Ráchael Powers). Association officers are not eligible for awards.

Outstanding Educator Award

Committee: Brandon Applegate (chair), Marv Krohn, and JC Barnes

This award recognizes one criminal justice educator for outstanding academic achievement in teaching, research, and service. The recipient of the award is selected on the basis of overall contributions to higher education in criminal justice. Nominees must be members in good standing of SCJA. Nominations should include the nominee’s Curriculum Vita and supportive letters. Nominations are reviewed by a committee composed of the three most recent winners of this award. The winner will receive a lifetime membership to the association.

Outstanding Professional Award

Committee Chair: Hyeyoung Lim

This award recognizes a practitioner in the field of criminal justice for outstanding contributions. Nominees must currently serve in a criminal justice-related position within the Southern region. Nominations should include a nominating letter detailing the nominee’s record of achievement and the nominee’s resume. The winner will receive an honorarium to attend the conference.

Student and Untenured Faculty Travel Award

Committee Chair: Rachel Severson

SCJA has set aside funds for students (undergraduate and graduate students are eligible) and untenured faculty to receive a two-night stay at the conference hotel. Applicants must be 1) current members of SCJA at the time of application, 2) lead author on a paper or poster at the conference, and 3) available to stay for two nights at the conference hotel. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate the need for travel funds and how attending the conference and presenting their research will enhance their careers and professional development in 250 words or less. Applications for the Travel Award can be submitted online.

Outstanding Student Awards

The Southern Criminal Justice Association recognizes exemplary student achievement through four awards. Eligibility for each award is limited to students currently enrolled (or graduates who were enrolled through Spring semester) in schools within the Southern region. Each nomination must contain a description of the nominee's accomplishments (in areas such as scholarship, leadership, public service, etc.). The nomination should include the nominee's grade point average and additional information sufficient to answer the following question: "In what ways has this student contributed to his/her academic program, college and/or community?"

  • Tom Barker Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award¹
    Committee Chair: Jared Dmello
  • Outstanding Masters Student¹ ²
    Committee Chair: Janne Gaub
  • Outstanding Doctoral Student¹ ²
    Committee Chair: William Moreto
  • Outstanding Student Poster Award¹ ³
    Committee Chair: Caitlin Brady

¹: Student winners receive a financial stipend to defray cost of travel. They must attend the conference to receive these funds.
²: Masters and Doctoral student awards include a free 3-year membership in addition to the financial stipend. Winners may pay the difference between the 3-year and lifetime membership rate if they wish to upgrade to a lifetime membership.
³: Nominations are not necessary for the poster competition. Posters are judged at the annual conference. A student must be the lead author on the poster/study and attend the conference. The committee will select TWO winners. Each will be awarded $500.