Showcase Submission

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Recording and Uploading SCJA Presentations

The following is a step-by-step list of instructions to record and upload your 3-minute SCJA Presentation. The submission form can be found at the bottom of this page. Presentations can be uploaded either (1) directly to the SCJA website or (2) to YouTube and then linked to the SCJA website. Supported video formats include .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI, and .WMV. Video must NOT exceed 128MB in size.

Using Zoom to Create and Upload a Presentation to The SCJA Website

  1. Download and install the Zoom Client (a link is provided below). While there are several options on that page the most simplistic one is “Zoom Client for Meetings”.
  2. Open Zoom and create an account if you do not already have one. Once your account is created and you are signed in select “New Meeting”. This will start a new meeting with your webcam and microphone on (if configured properly).
    1. At this stage it would be beneficial to test your audio and video and make any needed changes in the settings menu prior to recording your presentation.
  3. Start a local recording by selecting the record button and opt for “Record to This Computer” at the bottom of Zoom screen and record your presentation. If you have visuals that you want to share while you are presenting you can use the “Share Screen” button (right next to the record button) to share them. Once you are done with your presentation make sure to stop the recording and exit the meeting so that the video can be saved. The following video provides some information about local recording with Zoom.
  4. Find the saved local Zoom recording. This can be done by clicking on the Meetings tab in Zoom and then selecting the “Recorded” option since it likely is defaulted to “Upcoming”. Click “Open” on the correct recording and it will take you to the location of the saved video. The file that you will need in the following steps to upload is the .MP4 file, which should have a label along the lines of “Zoom_0”. The following link provides information about this step.
  5. Submit the video to under the “Provide a shared link” option.

Using a Smartphone to Create and Upload A Presentation to The SCJA Website

  1. Record your presentation with smartphone software of your choosing.
    1. Although not required it would reduce possible issues during submission if the video is saved in a MP4 format.
  2. Submit the video to under the “Provide a shared link” option.

Using PowerPoint to Create and Upload a Presentation to The SCJA Website

  1. Create your PowerPoint presentation (Optional: Include narration for slides)
  2. Once the PowerPoint is finalized navigate within the software to “File” then “Export” and select “Create a Video”
  3. Pertaining to video creation settings, make sure that “Full HD” is selected and decide between “Don’t Use Recorded Timings and Narrations” (use this if narration was not used in the presentation) or “Use Recorded Timings and Narrations” (use this if narration was used in the presentation). You can also decide on the specific amount of time spent on each slide if not using timing or narrations. The following video provides an example of this process.
  4. Save the video as a MPEG-4 Video and submit to under the “Provide a shared link” option.

Additional Steps If Uploading Directly to YouTube

  1. Login to YouTube using a Google Account (If you do not have an account with Google, they are free to make and only take a few minutes to setup). Click on your profile (top right circle with your account picture) and select YouTube Studio from the dropdown menu This process will ask you to setup a channel associated with your YouTube Account using your name.  
    1. If you are on a Smartphone this might be a separate application to download and the following steps might vary in regards to location of specific buttons.
  2. After you have created your channel you will want to upload your video file. In the top right corner, next to where you accessed your profile in the previous step, there is a rectangle that has a red camera with the word “Create” next to it. Click that then click “Upload Videos”. Drag and drop the video in the box that pops up.
  3. Complete the Details portion (1/3) of the upload by giving the video a Title (your presentation title) and brief description. At this point make sure to specify that the video is not made for children. Nothing is needed in the Video element portion (2/3). In the Visibility section (Part 3/3) it is important to select “Save or Publish” and to select “Unlisted”. Selecting “Unlisted” will ensure that only individuals with the link can watch it. Click “Save” at the bottom right.
  4. A screen that says “Video Published” will pop up after the presentation has been uploaded. Copy the “Video Link” and submit it under the “Provide a shared link” option.