Call for Nominations (2024)

The Nominations and Elections Committee of the Southern Criminal Justice Association
is issuing a call for nominations for the following positions:

Second Vice-President (1 Position)

Director-at-Large (2 Positions)

Nominees must be members of SCJA, in good standing, and willing to run for office.
Self nominations are encouraged.

SECOND VICE PRESIDENT Serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Association;
assists the President and the First Vice President as requested; responsibility for all publicity
concerning the Association; acts as liaison with the Secretariat. Person elected to this position
ascends to the office of First Vice-President and President.

DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Attends mid-year and annual meetings of the Association in order to
participate in the decision-making process of the Board of Directors and to play a role in
providing general policy direction for the SCJA. They each chair one of the association’s
standing committees. Term of office is for three (3) years.

To nominate (or self-nominate), please send an email to Kent R. Kerley by May 8, 2024.
Include the nominee’s name, affiliation, contact information, and the position for which they
are being nominated. They will be asked to provide a bio, statement, and photo for the ballot.

Kent R. Kerley, PhD
Immediate Past President, SCJA