Win Fabulous Prizes!

As highlighted in our charity spotlight, our patronage this year will be going to The Beat of Life. In addition to the great work they do generally, they will also be performing at our luncheon, so we will certainly want to show our appreciation by donating/buying raffle tickets to support their cause.

But let’s be honest. We both know why you clicked. This year we will be raffling off all sort of great and useful swag, including headphones, Amazon Echoes, gift cards, tumblers, and much more! Check out the flyer!

If you have not bought your tickets yet, or now realize that you may not have enough, keep an eye out for Ráchael. She (and her graduate students) will be selling tickets throughout the conference. It will also be possible to conveniently purchase tickets at the registration desk. There will be several opportunities to win as drawings are done throughout the conference.