The program is now available

The program is now online.

It's a lengthy program, but that's a good thing... we have the largest number of panels, the largest number of roundtables, the largest number of posters, etc. that SCJA has seen. There will be quite a crowd in Pensacola! Here's some of the numbers-- In 2018 we will have:

  • 45 more paper presentations than 2017 (over a 30% increase)
  • 9 more panels than 2017 (over a 25% increase)
  • 2 more roundtables than 2017 (over a 20% increase)
  • 76 more distinct names on presentations/posters/roundtables (over a 25% increase)

Discount prices for registration are still available for a limited time. Follow this link to register for the conference.

Download the 2018 SCJA Conference Program here